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First Online on 2010/01/07
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Rules of the game : ZEN LOA

How to play

Zen LOA is a special version of LOA.

The initial setup s shown on the igure below

As shown on picure, a special red piece called 'Zen' is available.
The 'Zen' pieces can act both like a friendly and ennemy piece.

After the intial setup, the game proceeds normally, just like for the game LOA, with these exceptions :

Extra rules for Zen LOA

1. At his turn, a player can move on of his piece, or the special 'Zen' piece.
2. When a player moves the 'Zen' piece, the other player may nor replace this piece on the square where it came from during the previous move.
3. The 'Zen' piece can be friend or ennemy, at the player's convenience. It means it can be captured or it can be jumped over.
4. To win, a player must have all his pieces connected, the 'Zen' piece included, if it stills exists.