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Rules of the game Line 4 Tetris

Presentation and goal

The goal in Line 4 Tetris is the same as in Line 4: to place 4 pieces in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally..In the lair, the game is played on a 8x8 board.

How to place pieces

White place a pieces, then it's black's turn. And so on...
The rule to place a piece are exactly the same as in Line 4

But pay attention to the following rule : If, when placing a piece, a player fills the bottom row, this row will disappear like in Tetris, and the pieces of the others rows 'fall'.
In this case, if the player had bult a row of ' pieces, he won't win, because the row, that contains at least one of the 4 pieces will dissapear.
The 2 images belows show this, before and after that white plays B2, building a row of 4 pieces that will disappear, unfortunately for him.