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First Online on 2010/01/07
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Rules of the game Longship Tafl


The boars is a 9 x 9 squares one, like in Tablut. There is no throne at the central square. All square are the same. that's why the game is called "Longship Tafl", referring to a battleground in open sea.
White: One treasure ship, 8 longships.
Black: 16 longships

starting position:

tha starting posotion is the same as for the game of Tablut

Aim of the game:

White: move the treasure ship to any edge square.
Black: capture the treasure ship by surrounding it on all four sides with black longships.


All ships move the same way, in a straight line forwards, backwards or sideways, but not diagonally, any number of squares. No ship may jump over another. Any ship can occupy any square, but no more than one ship can occupy a square. Black moves first.


Longships: All longships are captured by becoming surrounded on two opposite sides (front and back, or left and right - but not diagonally) by enemy longships. However a ship may move safely into a gap between two enemy ships and not be captured. Captured longships are "sunk" - removed immediately from the board.
Treasure Ship: the treasure ship can only be captured by four enemy ships, surrounding it on all four sides. However, it cannot take part in capturing./


Captures:You can chage the set of pieces in your settings, and ahev a try with the open sea one