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Rules of the game : Lines of Action (LOA) / Scrambled Eggs

How to play

Lines of Action is played on a Standard Checker Board with Standard Checkers (12 Checkers for each player).

Initial Setup LOA: At the start of a LOA game, the Black Checkers are placed in two rows along the top and bottom of the board (B1 to G1 and B8 to G8), while the White Checkers are placed in two rows at the left and right of the board (A2 to A7 and H2 to H7).
Initial Setup Scrambled eggs: In the Scrambled Eggs variation, Black and White pieces alternate, all around the board (NOT the Corners), with White at A2.

After the intial setup, the game proceeds normally for both games

Object of the Game:The object of the game is to move your pieces until they are all in one connected group (Diagonals included).


Black always starts, then alternate moves are made.
Each turn, the player to move, moves any one of his pieces, in a straight line, exactly as many squares as there are pieces of either color anywhere along the line of movement (Up, Down, Left, Right or the Diagonals.
EXAMPLE: At the start of the game, Black may move the piece from B1 to B3 as there are 2 pieces in total along that line already (On B1 & B8)


he may with to move B1 to H1 as there are 6 pieces along that line (On B1, C1, D1, E1, F1 & G1).
His last choice to move B1 would be B1 to D3 along the Diagonal as there are 2 pieces along that line (On B1 & H7).
You may jump over your own pieces.
You may not jump over your opponents pieces, but you can capture them by landing on them.


A Player can win in 2 ways, 1) By connecting all his pieces together OR 2)By ending up with just one piece on the board.