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First Online on 2010/01/07
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Rules of the game : Suicide Chess

Presentation of the game and objective

Suicide chess (also known as Antichess, the Losing Game, Losing chess,Giveaway chess, Killer chess, Must-Kill, or Take-all chess) is a chess variant in which the objective of each player is to lose all of his pieces or be stalemated, that is, a misère version

On the version played here on Dragonheels Lair, the rules of this game are the same as for normal Chess (starting position and piece movement) with the following differences: - There is no check or checmate
- En passant is allowed
- Castling is allowed
- A pawn can promote to King
- Who loses all pieces including the king or cannot make a legal move, wins the game.
- Capturing of the opponent's pieces is mandatory. The player can make a move only with a piece that can capture an opponent's piece, and he/she must capture this piece. Only if the player cannot capture any opponent piece, he/she can make a move with any piece.
- If there are only 2 pieces left on the board, the game is a draw