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Aage NielsenPlay Hnefatafl Online. -->Visit the site<--
World Tafl FederationWorld Tafl Federation -->Visit the site<--
Hnefatafl the Game of the VikingsAll you need to know about this marvelous game, the ame of the viking is there -->Visit the site<--
Hnefatafl - the Viking Game - By tim MillarVery good explanation of Hnefatafl played with the rules of Fetlar (Small island in Shetland, where the Hnefatafl world championship is hold every year). ou will also find advices about tactic and strategy -->Visit the site<--
Hnefatafl world championshipAll info about this world hampionship.
Next edition on Auguts the 6th, 2011
Also a very good site to get more to know about the island of Fetlar!
-->Visit the site<--
The Viking GameGaming site dedicated to Tafl -->Visit the site<--